Flowers of the Fibonacci

The number of petals that flowers have surprise me very much. Why? Well, because they're usually Fibonacci numbers.

Welcome to the world of flowers! A beautiful and strange place with math all around it.

For instance, the animation on the right shows flowers relating to the Fibonacci numbers. How? Just count the number of their petals. The number of petals in each flower is a Fibonacci number!

These flowers are part of what I call "Flowers of The Fibonacci." Most flowers have to do with the Fibonacci numbers. Very few don't.

Also, some flowers have spirals. For instance, the pinecone below has spirals. Would you like to see them? Click on the button below.

The number of spirals is generally a Fibonacci number. Not only that, the number of clockwise spirals and the number of counter-clockwise spirals are sometimes consecutive Fibonacci numbers!