My Science Fair Project

The Famous Fibonacci!

Some people think that math is boring and disconnected from the real world. But they may be in for a surprise when it comes to the Fibonacci numbers and the Golden Ratio!

The Fibonacci numbers are simple and easy to understand. Yet, they occur in the living world in amazing ways.

Leonardo Fibonacci was an Italian mathematician who introduced Europe to the numeric system we use today. He is also known for the numeric sequence named after him.

The following pages present my research on the Fibonacci numbers and their cousin, the Golden Ratio.

I wrote these pages as part of my Science Fair project. With this project I became state-level Grand Champion in the area of Engineering and Computer Science. Next, I'll go to New York for the national semi-finals. Stay tuned!

There is an interesting Disney cartoon about the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci series. También está disponible en español.